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Lysinibacillus sp. M7


Purpose / Description: Exhibits intracellular starch-degrading enzymes active at 25-37°C
Strain designation: M7
Verification: 16sRNA sequencing
Sequence identity: 99.26% with Lynsinibacillus macroides
NCBI accession number: 16S rRNA gene: MN263207
Depositor(s): Iffah Izzati Zakaria, Ummirul Mukminin Kahar
Catalog ID: M00003

Product details

Risk group: 1
Isolation origin: Forest soil
Country: Malaysia
Isolation date: 06/08/2019
History: Iffah I.Z., Microbiology Lab, Malaysia Genome Institute, National Instututes of Biotechnology Malaysia, Selangor, Malaysia (2019) <- Iffah I.Z., forest soil, Selangor, Malaysia (2019)
Colony morphology: Rod-shaped and white
Cultivation condition: Columbia agar (DSMZ Medium 715), aerobic, 25°C, pH 5.6, 22 h incubation period