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Purpose / Description: crtB in pStA
Reference: Start-Stop Assembly: a functionally scarless DNA assembly framework optimised for metabolic engineering.
Verification: None
Depositor(s): John Heap
Catalog ID: 114344

Product details

Vector backbone: pGT400
Vector type: Synthetic Biology
Backbone size without insert: 2209 bp
Copy number: High
Growth strain: DH5alpha
Growth temperature: 37°C
Antibiotics Resistance: Ampicillin
Depositor comment: Alternative ID = pGT357 . Please visit for bioRxiv preprint.
Gene / Insert: crtB (codon optimised)
Insert size: 975 bp
Species: Synthetic
Cloning method: Restriction Enzyme
5′ cloning site: BsaI (destroyed during cloning)
3′ cloning site: BsaI (destroyed during cloning)
5′ sequencing primer: OligoGT234 GGGGAAACGCCTGGTATCT
3′ sequencing primer: OligoGT235 AGCAAAAACAGGAAGGCAAA