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Purpose / Description: Provides the AP3 promoter as GreenGate module.
Reference: GreenGate – A Novel, Versatile, and Efficient Cloning System for Plant Transgenesis.
Verification: None
Depositor(s): Jan Lohmann
Catalog ID: 48867

Product details

Bacteria Resistance: Chloramphenicol and Gentamycin
Vector backbone: pGreenII
Vector type: Golden Gate compatible cloning vector
Backbone size without insert: 2492 bp
Copy number: High
Growth strain: DB3.1
Growth temperature: 37°C
Antibiotics Resistance: Unknown
Depositor comment: This plasmid is designed as destination vector for Golden Gate cloning using the BsaI enzyme. The 5′ BsaI overhang can be exchanged using KpnI and EcoRI. The 3′ BsaI overhang can be exchanged using XhoI and XbaI. There is also a a NotI-PacI-SgsI-SfaAI-KpnI MCS in front of the A-overhang and an XbaI-PaeI MCS after the G-overhang.

Plasmid Features (listed as bp in full plasmid sequence):
BsaI site #1 = 62-612bp
BsaI site #2 = 24-25bp
Gene / Insert: None