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Purpose / Description: Provides the AP3 promoter as GreenGate module.
Reference: GreenGate – A Novel, Versatile, and Efficient Cloning System for Plant Transgenesis.
Verification: None
Depositor(s): Jan Lohmann
Catalog ID: 48825

Product details

Bacteria Resistance: Ampicillin
Vector backbone: pUC19
Vector type: Golden Gate compatible cloning vector
Backbone size without insert: 2686 bp
Copy number: High
Growth strain: DH5alpha
Growth temperature: 37°C
Antibiotics Resistance: Unknown
Depositor comment: This plasmid is designed for Golden Gate cloning using the BsaI enzyme.

Plasmid Features (listed as bp in full plasmid sequence):
BsaI site #1 = 2241-2251bp
alcR coding sequence = 2252-4716bp
BsaI site #2 = 4717-4727bp
Gene / Insert: alcR
Insert size: 2465 bp
Species: Synthetic