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Purpose / Description: (Empty Backbone) FX cloning E.coli expression vector with araBAD promoter and N-terminal 1x His tag and 3C protease cleavage site
Reference: A versatile and efficient high-throughput cloning tool for structural biology.
Verification: None
Depositor(s): Raimund Dutzler
Catalog ID: 49049

Product details

Bacteria Resistance: Chloramphenicol and Ampicillin
Vector backbone: pFBDM
Vector type: Insect Expression
Total vector size: 6986 bp
Backbone Manufacturer: Imre Berger
Modification to backbone: modified for compatibility with FX cloning and added tags/fusion proteins
Copy number: Low
Growth strain: DB3.1
Growth temperature: 37°C
Antibiotics Resistance: Unknown
Depositor comment: Constructed by Dr. Stephan Schenck, Dutzler lab, Dept of Biochemistry, University of Zurich, Switzerland.
Gene / Insert: None
Cloning method: Unknown
Promoter: polH (polyhedrin)
Tag / fusion protein: decaHis (1x His) (N terminal on backbone); 3C protease site (PreScission site) (N terminal on backbone)
5′ sequencing primer: polyhedrin-fwd
3′ sequencing primer: SV4pA-R