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Purpose / Description: sgRNA shuttle vector; module 4E
Reference: Generation of chromosomal deletions in dicotyledonous plants employing a user-friendly genome editing toolkit.
Verification: None
Depositor(s): Johannes Stuttmann
Catalog ID: 79467

Product details

Bacteria Resistance: Chloramphenicol and Ampicillin
Vector backbone: pUC57
Vector type: CRISPR, Synthetic Biology
Modification to backbone: BsaI site (in bla) eliminated
Copy number: High
Growth strain: ccdB Survival
Growth temperature: 37°C
Antibiotics Resistance: Unknown
Gene / Insert: pAtU6-ccdB-sgRNA
Entrez gene: ccdB(letD) (a.k.a. D616_p9715, Fpla45)
Insert size: 1498 bp
Mutation: BsaI site eliminated