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Purpose / Description: This plasmid was designed for screening purposes and may contain discrepancies relative to the current canonical GenBank version of the gene.
Reference: Identification of poxvirus CD8+ T cell determinants to enable rational design and characterization of smallpox vaccines.
Verification: None
Depositor(s): Jonathan W. Yewdell
Catalog ID: 12735

Product details

Bacteria Resistance: Ampicillin
Vector backbone: pcDNA 3.1D V5-His-TOPO
Vector type: Mammalian Expression
Backbone size without insert: 5514 bp
Backbone Manufacturer: Invitrogen
Copy number: High
Growth strain: DH5alpha
Growth temperature: 37°C
Antibiotics Resistance: Unknown
Depositor comment: Please see the Vaccinia kit page for more information. The kit page contains the supplemental VVOrfData spreadsheet, which includes important information about this plasmid. The plasmid and insert names provided here relate only to this library. The name of the ORF (if present) in VACV strain Copenhagen and the name of the ORF (if annotated) in VACV strain WR sequence can be found in VVOrfData spreadsheet. Please note that the amino acid sequence given for each ORF in the spreadsheet may contain some errors. Additionally, changes from the expected sequence may be present in these plasmids.
Gene / Insert: VV.Orf47
Insert size: 1914 bp
Species: Vaccinia Virus
Cloning method: Restriction Enzyme
5′ cloning site: BamHI (not destroyed)
3′ cloning site: BamHI (not destroyed)
Selectable marker: Neomycin (select with G418)
5′ sequencing primer: Universal T7